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Backpackers Hostel INO'S PLACE Sapporo Hokkaido Japan



Welcome to INO'S PLACE


Welcome to Backpackers Hostel 'INO'S PLACE'.

Some say 'A good trip is carefree and filled with luxury.'
But others say 'The most memorable trip is
"done on the ground" taking in the experiences up close and as they come.'

Have you found a place to give your weary feet a rest tonight?
We aim to be a small oasis for all people who love walking
and seeing the world on their own terms.

'INO'S PLACE' is unique in Sapporo since December 2001.
It's a real Backpackers Hostel as the owner loves traveling a lot.

We aim to make your stay with us a memorable one.
Helping travelers and making their stay as easy
and comfortable as possible is our duty,
and we take great pride in our work.
Many returning guests give us a great feeling that
we are doing something right.
So, for your stay in Sapporo make "INO'S PLACE" your place.

Owner Information

EijiEiji Inomata

Hometown: Tokyo
Hobby: Juggling, Traveling, Climbing
Comment: I have traveled to many countries before. Every single one of them has given me an unforgettable memory, enjoy experiencing different culture and meeting the people who live it. I want our guests to enjoy the Japanese culture, the people, the food, and everything else Japan has to offer. I hope you will feel right at home when you stay with us.

Hometown: Sapporo
Hobby: Traveling, Eat out & Interior design
Comment: There are many things to learn from world-wide travelers. It is always interesting and enjoyable to learn about different countries, their culture, and their people's way of life. I hope your stay with us will be a fun learning experience for you. See you soon!



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